We offer these services and many more. The limit to what we can do is your imagination but here are some suggestions and examples of previous work.

Home Performance Analysis

From simple blower door testing to full home performance analysis, we can help identify deficiencies in insulation, air sealing, weatherization, and more. We can test all combustion appliances for efficiency to help you plan your energy and savings future. Call or email to learn more and schedule your analysis.

Fine Carpentry

This custom headboard was built in place for a commercial client. The frame is gravity mounted to the wall which allows 2 people to remove it with ease. Each panel had to be uniquely cut to achieve a plumb front and level top. The client was very happy as were we.

Attic Cleanout and Air Sealing
Attic before and after.JPG

We are one of the few companies offering comprehensive attic cleanout services. We can remove that old cellulose or fiberglass, air seal, and re-insulate for significant gains in efficiency. These improvements translate to direct savings on heating and cooling bills.

Air Sealing

Sealing a home effectively can make significant improvements to the health and safety of a home along with increasing the structural durability, comfort, and efficiency. We are Efficiency Vermont and BPI certified to provide whole-home analysis (an energy audit) and perform the recommended work.

Building Envelope Services

Building envelope testing is becoming increasingly common in new construction and gut rehab projects. From simple blower door testing to envelope commissioning, we can meet or exceed your envelope goals. Blower door testing, fogging, first instance testing, and material selection are just some of the services we can provide.

Interior Finish Work

Interior finish projects take an attention to detail and a patience that not all builders can provide. With years of experience working on detail oriented projects we can handle any project from trim to custom thresholds and caulking and paint.